Your level in Freestyle – Freeride

Swiss Snow Academy

Limitless skiing on and off-piste, snowpark and slalom.


Short turns with poles on difficult slopes
Straights and fifthy/fifty jumps on box
Parallel turns in unprepared snow
Carving on a wide, easy track

* level 5 registration

Star Blue

The Snowboarder knows how to ride a ski lift, turn, and waltzing.
Piste du Roc D’Orsay


Jumping on small jumps
A short backside descent Fakie
Carving turns (tilting variants)

* Level 3 registration

Swiss Snow Academy

Limitless snowboarding on and off-piste, snowpark and slalom.


One-foot flat glide
Full-base sliding on easy terrain
Skidding in the fall line
From sliding in fullbase to skidding on easy ground

* Level 1 registration


Swiss Ski School Villars

Swiss Snow League

In private or in a group, from class 1 to class 6, put your progress into practice by earning an internationally recognized medal. The medal ensures that you will always be placed in the equivalent level at any Swiss Ski School you attend.

Swiss Snow League Evaluation (the instructor fills in the logbook and validates the level acquired) and medal included from 3 days of Junior Skiing or 4 days of Prestige group lessons or 5 days of group lessons & Jardin des Neiges/ Snow Garden.

Swiss Ski School Villars

Equivalency Chart

Here is the equivalency chart comparing the Swiss Snow League and the French assessments:

Ecole Suisse de Ski VIllars

The Red Legend